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Luxembourg has something for everyone’s taste. The cuisine of Luxembourg can be summed up in one word as ‘varied’, reflecting the cultural diversity of the country. It has distinctive influences from Belgian, German and French cuisines and the many Italian and Portuguese immigrants have also left their mark on the national cuisine.

Nevertheless, Luxembourg has developed its own distinctive tradition when it comes to food, with well-known national dishes such as Judd mat Gaardebounen, Bouneschlupp and – for fans of black pudding – Träipen. Are you holidaying in the Éislek region? Try products that are typical of the region such as Éisleker ham, honey and mustard as well as hearty regional dishes, prepared according to authentic recipes using only the freshest local ingredients.

Enjoy everything that Luxembourg has to offer in a cosy bistro, brasserie, pub or gastronomic restaurant. And wash it all down with a Moselle wine or Diekirch beer. Below is a selection of our favourite eating places nearby.

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