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Nut market - Veiner Nessmaart

13 October 2024 - 13 October 2024

The Nut Market in Vianden (Veiner Nessmaart) is a traditional occasion that returns every year and attracts many visitors. The day before the nut market, each association begins harvesting the nuts it needs for the nut market. As in previous years, the harvesting of the nuts will be done using a grabbing machine. This machine allows for quick and easy harvesting. However, several associations still pick the nuts the traditional way with long wooden sticks. After "casting," they must be washed and dried.

That market also offers a lot of nut-related products such as brandy, liquor, oil, cakes, cookies, liver pies, etc.

Where? 1a, Im Bouseberg, Vianden

distanceDistance to La Sapiniere: 14 kilometer
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Nut market - Veiner Nessmaart