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1000 bochten Weiswampach

15 June 2024 - 15 June 2024

The 1000 turns ride is not a speed contest. To be clear, the term "performance ride" refers to the distance of the ride (some 350 km this year), not the speed. The roadbook is simple to drive, using both 'bullet arrow' and existing signage. Of course, the route can be loaded onto GPS (Garmin-TomTom-Tripy) on the spot. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

The 1000 bends has become a classic among the tours. The full-day tour has the characteristic of combining the nicest roads with the faster work.

Many participants express their praise for the organization on Facebook:

"I did the Eastern ride. The most beautiful 1000 turns ride I've ever done. Thanks to the organization."

"Thanks for another fantastic weekend! Impressive organization and beautiful rides.
You can all be rightly proud of consistently providing so many people with a more than wonderful weekend! 🤘"

(Translated from Dutch)

For more information, please have a look at this website.

Where? Am Eelerich, Weiswampach

distanceDistance to La Sapiniere: 20 kilometer
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1000 bochten Weiswampach